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Swtor is a gaming company trying to reach everyone in the gaming world internationally. If you have a problem with the games or if there is a system error you are wondering about, Swtor will try to give you the best service to solve it. You can access the success of GTL customer service in Swtor. That’s why Swtor customer service is available from 9 am to 9 pm on line 855-345-2186. Working to provide the best solution to your problems, Swtor provides you with many alternatives for transportation to provide the best service. In our article, we will also share with you alternative communication ways. In this way, you will be able to easily reach Swtor and solve your problems. Come and get to know the ways of communication closely.

Swtor Call Center

Phone Number

Swor Customer Service: 855-345-2186

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Working Hours

9 AM – 9 PM Monday – Sunday

Best Call Time

2 pm

Direct Contact 

After calling the phone number, you can proceed according to the operator’s directions.

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Customer Service

Swor Customer Service: 1-(855)-345-2186

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Headquarters Address

7700 West Parmer Lane, Suite 250, Building C, Austin, TX 78729

Corporate Office Phone Number

Swtır Corporate Office Phone Number: 855-345-2186

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Swtor Frequently Asked Questions

You may have questions about Swtor. Contact Swtor who provides the best service in support team such as Ga Power.  You can find the answers to these questions in our article. Therefore, if you wish, take a look at the frequently asked questions and answers we have prepared for you. Below are the answers to your questions. Come and start browsing. If we could not provide what you are wondering about, you can call customer service and ask your questions.

Is a Monthly Subscription Required for Star Wars: The Old Republic Game?

You do not need to pay to download the game.

Afterward, you can easily download the game by following the steps. You can download the game for free and install it easily.

Is Origin required in addition to a SWTOR Account?

 An Origin account is required as an alternative to your Star Wars: The Old Republic account. That’s why you need to have an Origin account. You can create your profile and approve your account after going to the Origin Account Registration and providing the requested information. With this status, you can create your password and Ea Id.

Also, if you log in with your Facebook or PlayStation Network accounts, it is possible to create a new account if you are downloading Origin for the first time.

Do I Need an Account on Swtor to Play Star Wars: The Old Republic?

If you want to play Star Wars: The Old Republic, you need to create an account on Swtor. To do this, you need to go to the official site.

  • When you log in to the Swtor account or create a new account, you can log in to the game with this account.
  • You will use a valid email in both places.

How Can I Get Information About Swtor Games?

If you are curious about the current information about the game and want to learn, you can visit Swtor’s site for updates. In addition, you can follow Swtor through social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, youtube and be informed about new developments and news.

Can You Play Star Wars: The Old Republic Offline?

You cannot play this game offline as an online game. It is necessary to connect to the game servers in this game that requires a constant internet connection. That’s why an internet connection is essential.

Do the Games Compete with Players Mutually?

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, it is possible to compete with many enemies that you may encounter. If you want to fight and compete with other players, there are many modes in the game. You can start fighting by choosing the most suitable model for you.

Is Swtor Still Trending in 2021?

Star Wars the Old Republic is a game that has become famous since its release and has appeared in front of its customers with many modes. This game, which is referred to as competition and the online game, conforms to the preferred trends recently.

What Benefits Do You Get When You Join the Community?

If you are a member of the Star Wars: The Old Republic community, you can share your email to get the latest information and news about the game. In this way, information about the game and new news will be sent to you. You can also comment on articles and news on Swtor’s website. By evaluating these contents, you will be able to participate in the discussions.

How to Join the Star Wars: The Old Republic Community?

If you want to join the Star Wars: The Old Republic community, it’s very simple.

  1. First of all, go to http://swtor.com/user/register to register in the community and review the form that appears.
  2. Start by filling out this form and then become a member of the community by confirming the activation in your email.

What Are Advanced Classes in Swtor?

Advanced Classes offer special customizations against your character. Thanks to these advanced classes, when you reach a level, you will choose the advanced class that your character and abilities are most suitable for.

It contains detailed information about advanced classes.

Can You Play Characters on the Light and Dark Sides?

In the Old Republic, you will be a member of the Galactic Republic or the Sith Empire, so you will need to choose a character. With this character you will choose, you will have determined with which classes you will form groups or be in guilds. Some of the characters you may encounter are:

  • Jedi Knights
  • Jedi Consuls
  • Smugglers
  • Unions Republic
  • Sith Inquisitors
  • Sith Warriors
  • Bounty Hunters
  • Imperial Agents

Regardless of affiliation, classes will begin to score points on the light and dark side as they progress through levels. So choose your character and start the game.

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