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Shell is known as an Anglo-Dutch oil and gas company founded in England, headquartered in the Netherlands. Shell Oil Company serves as a US-based subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell. Shell has many locations around the world as a long-standing oil and gas company. United States Shell Oil is headquartered in Houston, Texas. It also has approximately 92,000 employees with its institutions located all over the world. Shell institutions working to provide the best service to their customers are working to listen to your questions and problems and to help you. You may also have questions about Shell.

You can ask at the customer service line at 1 (888) 467-4355. You can also examine the alternative communication ways we offer you in our article. Also, interested in the automotive sector? You can have a look at General Motors.

Shell Call Center

Phone Number

Shell Phone Number:


Postal address

PO box 162, 2501 AN  The Hague, The Netherlands

Working Hours

24 hours

Direct Contact 

After calling the phone number, you can proceed according to the operator’s directions.

[Shell] Contact

Customer Service Number

Shell Customer Service Number:


Customer Service Contact Page

Headquarters Address

Carel van Bylandtlaan 16,

2596 HR The Hague,

The Netherlands

Corporate Office Phone Number

Shell Office Phone Number:


Social Media Accounts





Shell Frequently Asked Questions

Shell institutions are located in many locations around the world. This institution, which provides oil and gas services to its customers, also cares about your feedback, as we know National Grid also does. Therefore, before choosing the institution, you may have questions and problems. You can contact customer service to resolve these issues. Or you can examine the many questions and answers we have presented to you in detail in our article. We have shared the answers to frequently asked questions for you below. Among the questions you examine, you may encounter the ones you are curious about. Therefore, we recommend that you examine it. For detailed information and answers, you can start to review our Shell article and questions and answers.

What Is The New Feature In The Shell App?

New additional payment methods have been added to Shell Pay and Save. Customers will now be able to choose many credit and debit cards in addition to Chase Pay. These debit and credit cards can be added directly to the application. Or you can use Shell Pay to link a checking account. Shell mobile payment facility is now starting to adapt thanks to the Fuel Rewards program. You can pay with a single mobile transaction. You will also be able to save money thanks to these opportunities.

How to Sign Up for Shell Pay and Save?

You need to download the “Shell US” application from the Apple and Google application stores on your phones. After downloading the application, you need to create an account. When the registration process appears, you should choose both the Shell mobile payment and Fuel Rewards program. After completing the registration process for these programs, your process will end. If you are a member of the Fuel Rewards program, all you have to do during the registration process is to link your Fuel Rewards account.

Can Extra Fuel Rewards Savings Be Achieved Using Mobile Payment Available in the Shell App?

This way you can save money. What you need to do is to make the first Shell mobile payment until 31.12.2018 when you download the Shell application. With this Shell mobile payment, you will earn savings in the Fuel Rewards program. In addition, if you make four mobile payments within 30 days, you will be able to earn extra savings.

  • Also, savings are only accepted at participating Shell stations. The 20-gallon limit will be presented to you. They will send the Fuel Rewards savings you earn to your Fuel Rewards account. After one month, these savings expire. That’s why you need to use the savings you’ve earned during this time. You can contact customer service for terms and conditions.

Which Methods Can Be Used in Shell Mobile Payment?

You can use Mastercard, Visa, Amex, or Discover credit and debit cards when making Shell mobile payments. You can also add a US-based checking account to your preferred payment options. When you want to connect to payment methods, you must follow the steps that will appear. Thus, you will start saving by choosing to pay at Shell.

How Can You Prefer Shell Mobile Payment in Shell Markets?

For the mobile payment, you want to use in Shell Markets, you will need to select the “Pay in Store” section. You must then confirm the payment on the page that appears. Thus, the application will create a QR code for you. You will need to show this QR code to the scanner available in the market. After showing this code, you will not need to select anything to perform your transaction. If you wish, you can select the “No Loyalty” and “Pay Now” options on the pin pad to check whether your transaction was successful or not. In this way, you will have successful control of your process.

What Should You Do to Apply for a Job at Shell?

If you want to apply for a job at Shell, what you need to do is very simple. Here’s what you need to do:

  • For your job application, you will first need to enter Shell’s home page. Then you can apply from the career section.
  • You can also search for job postings that will appear on the site and create a profile.
  • It is also possible to register for job postings that will be presented to you.
  • We recommend that you make your application with the things requested from you on the career web. Because if you apply in a different way than the specified rules, your applications will not be evaluated. In this case, your job application will not be approved.

If You Got A Job Offer From Shell Company Is It Real or Fake?

If you have received a job offer from a Shell company, you should know that a formal recruitment process will take place for you.

  • Usually, scammers have taken job offers to many people as if they were recruiting on behalf of Shell. In this case, they will claim that they work for or are affiliated with Shell. That’s why you need to recognize scam emails. You can tell if the shell account has its page by checking the emails. Shell emails will not usually end with “”. Shell will use designations such as “” or “Hotmail” as an example. If you come across a text that looks weak in English or asks for money, these emails are fake.
  • We recommend that you do not respond when you encounter scam emails or see emails that you do not trust. You should never disclose your financial and personal information. In such offer situations, you can contact the police. You can also call Shell institutions and get information about this issue and try to understand the fraud.

How Can You Share Ideas That Shell May Be Interested In?

If you have a creative nature and want to share your invention with Shell, there is a very good program for you. With the Shell GameChanger program, you will be able to use and show your skills. GameChanger will invest in your ideas and work, which can affect the energy system. In addition, this program will provide you with resources and introduce you to professionals who can help with the subject. In this way, these people will give you useful advice, allowing you to get opportunities to help you develop your ideas. GameChanger has supported 150 products and projects so far. So if you want to join this team and share your ideas, you can check out the Shell page.

Who Should You Contact If You Have A Question Or Complaint?

If you want to make a customer complaint and ask a question about Shell stations or Shell products, the things you need to do are clear. First, you need to fill in the contact form or get the contact information of the Customer Service Center from the Shell website in your country and call them. If you contact Shell in your country, their support team will assist you. They will listen to your complaints, suggestions, and questions and offer you the best solutions and feedback. You will be able to reach Shell by using the communication ways in our article.

Do You Get Discounts on Shell TapUp Shopping with Fuel Rewards or Shell Branded Credit Cards?

Fuel Rewards rewards or discounts cannot be redeemed with Fuel Rewards credit cards or Shell branded credit cards. It cannot be used via the app or even for mobile refueling. You can only use such rewards at participating Shell stations. Fuel Rewards is a trademark of Excentus Corporation. If you want to get detailed information about the subject, you can contact Shell institutions. In this way, you will have detailed information about discounts and rewards. Also, do not forget that you can contact Shell by trying the e-mail address or help pages in our article.

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