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Ray-Ban is a company focused on the production of many eye optical products such as various sunglasses and contact lenses for many years. In this American company, many employees serve customers from all over the world, just like Burberry, one of the world-leading fashion brands. The company’s service is to enable customers to purchase products designed, manufactured, and marketed. The company’s most popular products are known as sunglasses and contact lenses. This company, which has many popular products, works to provide the best service to its customers. If you are going to prefer Ray-Ban and you are going to buy from its products, you may have questions and topics that you want to consult. It has customer service that supports you for these issues. It is possible to reach Ray-Ban, which supports you, via the +1 516-484-3800 line. If you wish, you can also try alternative communication ways in our article. Let’s take a look at the detailed reviews in our article. Information that you will not regret is waiting for you.

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Ray-Ban Call Center

Phone Number

Ray-Ban Phone Number:


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Ray-Ban Fax Number:


Working Hours

24 hours

Direct Contact 

After calling the phone number, you can proceed according to the operator’s directions.

Ray-Ban Contact

Customer Service Number

Ray-Ban Customer Service Number:


Customer Service Mail Adress


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Headquarters Address

12 Harbour Park Dr, Port Washington, NY 11050, ABD

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Ray-Ban Corporate Office Phone Number:


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Ray-Ban Frequently Asked Questions

Ray-Ban has been serving for years and is a preferred institution, just like Macy’s, we have reviewed before. Since it is an organization that is regularly preferred by its customers, sometimes customers may have questions and problems. If you have made or will do your shopping from Ray-Ban, you may have questions. That’s why we have prepared frequently asked questions and answers for you. In this way, you will be able to encounter the answers to your questions. Come and start checking out the answers to the frequently asked questions we have prepared for you. If you cannot find what you are wondering about, you can try the communication ways we have provided for you.

Is It Safe To Open Ray-Ban Packages In The Covid 19 Era?

It is safe to open Ray-Ban products. Because the products are packed by carefully trained personnel when they leave the factory. Professional staffs provide comprehensive checks for packages. The products are then packaged and shipped. In addition, it will be safer to open these packages than from many countries specified by the World Health Organization.

Do Ray-Ban Sunglasses Have an Expiry Date?

The time customers spend in the sun may differ. Therefore, there is no expiration date set for the sunglasses to lose their effectiveness. These times vary from person to person. If it is a daily pair of glasses, you can set the period that needs to be changed as 1-2 years. Sunglasses have an expiration date just like sunscreens.

Is It Possible to Put Prescription Lenses on Ray-Ban Glasses?

Even if your Ray-Ban glasses are old, new, or in any condition, it is possible to add prescription lenses to your glasses. If you are going to order new Ray-Ban glasses and you are considering it with a prescription lens, what you need to do is very simple. First of all, you can enter the Ray-Ban glasses site. From there you can place your order with a prescription. If you wish, it is possible to visit Ray-Ban stores with your prescription and buy the glasses you want.

Why Are Ray-Ban Products Expensive?

Ray-Ban glasses are usually offered to customers with UV-protected lenses from many brands. The main reasons why these glasses are expensive are:

  • Thanks to its UV protection, it has good protection and image with polarized lenses. This causes the price to be high.
  • All products also have production costs. Because of these costs, products are presented at a profit.
  • For example, Wayfarer frameworks are often designed to be costly to manufacture. This is because the frames are made of acetate, a type of plastic. Therefore, the price goes up considerably.
  • Quality-designed Ray-Ban glasses provide comfort to customers. It is also designed in a way that does not harm the eyes. Ray-Ban, which has the products that provide the best service by providing full protection to the sun’s rays, has increased in price for these reasons.
  • Ray-Ban glasses are also preferred for being open to using for a long time. In addition, the materials used are stronger against wear and tear. In this way, it is in the best structure to keep its shape.

How Can You Check Ray-Ban Serial Number?

It is possible to check the serial numbers of the glasses from the Ray-Ban products you have purchased. The model number of the original Ray-Ban eyeglasses is usually written on the inside of the left frame arm of the glasses. You will be greeted with a visible serial number starting with RB. This code will appear properly centered and aligned.

How Much Do Prescription Ray-Ban Glasses Cost?

Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses usually start at $250 if they are not an add-on item. If you’re considering a high-end Ray-Ban product, these prescription and prescription sunglasses start at around $800. If you wish, you can add titanium frames, thin, polarized, and anti-reflective lenses designed for progressive vision to these glasses. Glasses’ prices vary according to your preferences and model choices. Especially if you prefer prescription lens glasses, your prices will differ according to your number. Therefore, you can visit the stores to get detailed information about the products. Or you can connect to customer service through the communication ways we offer you.

Can Ray-Ban Frames Be Repaired?

Ray-Ban usually offers a 2-year warranty on its sunglasses and other products. Customers can turn to Ray-Ban if they observe product breakage due to a manufacturing defect. If you want your broken glasses to be repaired, you must ensure that your warranty period is valid. When the products you will bring within the 2-year warranty period are checked, your warranty will be valid if the breakage occurred due to a manufacturing defect. Thus, it is possible to replace or repair the product. If you wish, you can ask detailed information and questions about the subject by contacting customer service.

How to Submit Your Prescription to Ray-Ban?

If you’re going to buy a prescription product from Ray-Ban, there are some things you should do. For your prescription order to be processed, you must have an up-to-date prescription and pupillary distance measurement. Your prescription will be requested from you after check-out is complete. There are 3 options to choose from in this process:

  • You can take a clear picture of your prescription and send it as a text message to 58381.
  • After scanning your prescription, you can take a photo and send it in digital format to Ray-Ban’s e-mail address. In this process, you should also add your order number to your e-mail in a text form.
  • If you did not send the prescription after purchase, you can choose the option to send your prescription in the order confirmation email or your account.

There are eyeglass prescription validations that provide eligibility for each state. These prescriptions have varying regulations in their validity. An outdated prescription is not accepted. If you have placed an order with an expired prescription, your order will be canceled. The Ray-Ban logo will be found on all prescription glasses.

How Can You Change or Cancel Your Ray-Ban Order?

The Ray-Ban system is designed to prepare orders as quickly as possible and send them to customers. Therefore, there is very little time to change or cancel orders.

If less than an hour has passed since you placed your order, you can contact them to see if they can fulfill your request. However, it cannot be said exactly that it is possible to cancel it. Therefore, you can reach Ray-Ban officials by trying the communication ways we have presented to you in our article. You can forward the questions and problems you want to them.

Can an Out-of-Stock Product Be Canceled at Ray-Ban?

If you are going to order or have ordered a product you want, it may be possible to encounter this product out of stock. If for any reason you have an order for a product that is out of stock and your order cannot be completed, your order will have to be canceled.

  • Ray-Ban will send you an e-mail to inform you when you encounter a cancellation situation. With this e-mail, your payment will be refunded.
  • When faced with such situations, Ray-Ban cannot provide clarity on when the product will be back in stock. Therefore, you can order another product you like. Or you can wait for the product you like to be in stock when you get your payment back from your order.

How Long Can You Return Ray-Ban Products?

Your decisions may change as you shop at Ray-Ban. You may want to choose a different product. Therefore, you have 30 days to return your products. You can return the products within this period.

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