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If you are having trouble finding PayPal customer service phone number, PayPal contact e-mail address or any other PayPal contact information; you are at the right place, you can find all the info you need below.You can also try MCU Holding to get professional service in customer service.

PayPal Help Center

PayPal has a very powerful support center and you might like to have a look at it first as it has many helpful info on frequently asked questions.

PayPal Contact E-Mail Address

If you would like to send an e-mail to PayPal, you can use the e-mail addresses below:

PayPal Customer Service Phone Number

You can speak with a PayPal customer support representative in person at customer service of PayPal by calling the phone number for PayPal below:

  • PayPal Customer Service Number: 1 (888) 221-1161
  • PayPal Customer Service Working Hours: 6:00 AM PT to 6:00 PM PT Monday through Sunday

PayPal Mailing Addresses

Corporate Headquarters

2211 North First Street
San Jose, California 95131
United States

PayPal Social Media Accounts

You can reach PayPal on social media by clicking the links below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use PayPal?

You do not have to pay any extra fees to open a Paypal account or to download the Paypal application on your mobile device. Try Paypal’s service with American Express in customer service. Although you do not have to pay to create an account, you may be charged for the following transactions:

  1. When you make money on a purchase, you will be charged.
  2. You will be charged when you send or receive money to an account in a country other than your country of residence.
  3. You will be charged when you make a personal payment using your debit or credit card.
  4. You will be charged when you want to transfer money to your daily debit card or credit card through your Paypal account.

Fees determined for Paypal transactions are calculated on a 2.9% + $0.30 tariff. This ratio is much more advantageous compared to many other platforms. Within the United States, you do not have to pay extra for online or in-store purchases. Here is the detailed fee table:

  1. For Sales within the US, you need to pay 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.
  2. For the same transaction, users may benefit from a discounted rate for eligible charities, which has a tariff of 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction.
  3. At International Sales, you can benefit from a 4.4% transaction fee plus a fixed fee based on currency received.
  4. You will be charged 2.7% when you swipe a card or 3.5% plus $0.15 for manually entered transactions from PayPal HereTM card reader.

You can have additional information about PayPal fees by clicking here

How can I put money in my PayPal account?

  1. First, go to and sign in with your account.
  2. Then go to the section where it says Balance. The wallet status should be displayed here.
  3. Click on the Transfer Money option just below.
  4. You will see different transfer money options under the Money Out and Money In categories. You need to click on the Add money to your balance option in the Money In category.
  5. Manually enter how much cash you want to transfer and then click Add.
  6. Then click Add again for verification.
  7. Your transaction will be completed. It may take between 3 and 5 business days for your transaction to process.

How does the PayPal prepaid card work?

If you want to choose card options with limited limits to shop more securely, you can use the Prepaid card offered by Paypal. Prepaid card from Paypal allows you to fund your account at a certain rate. This way, you can easily spend it on both physical and online retailers. PayPal prepaid card can be used in businesses that accept both credit cards and debit cards. There are no overdraft or late fees to pay for the card. The card is used especially for the personnel who need to make purchases related to the workplace in the office.

Who qualifies for PayPal credit?

In order to use PayPal credit, the following conditions are required:

  1. Being over the age of 18
  2. Having a good credit score
  3. Having not experienced a situation such as bankrupt recently
  4. Having a specific job and a minimum of £ 7,500 per year as a fixed income.

In order to increase PayPal credit limit, the following conditions are required:

  1. You must have been a PayPal credit customer for at least six months.
  2. You must not have debt overdue for at least six months.
  3. You must have made a transaction on PayPal credit at least once in the last six months.

How do I check my PayPal credit balance?

  1. Log into your account and log into the Activity page.
  2. Then you will see an option called Statements. This option will be on the right side of the page. Go to this one.
  3. Then you need to click on the Custom option.
  4. You need to select information such as transaction type, date range, and file format for the file you want to import.
  5. Then click on the Create Report option.
  6. In this way, you can get your transaction history up to seven years in the past.
  7. If you want to know about running balance, you need to check the Balance option under the Transaction type. When you do this process, your active balance information will be included in the Balance column.

How do I withdraw money from PayPal credit?

You cannot send money to your Paypal Fund account from PayPal Credit. However, PayPal Credit allows you to send money to family or friends. So you can send and receive money from anyone who has a PayPal Credit Account. For this, you will need to enter the other person’s wallet information and specify the specific amount of money you want to send.

Can I use PayPal credit in stores?

Currently, PayPal Credit cannot be used in stores. Remember that PayPal’s credit cards and PayPal credit systems are different systems. PayPal Credit can only be used for online purchases. Moreover, it does not charge extra interest in your payments for six months.

You can easily use PayPal’s standard card and account in stores. Just like other payment methods, PayPal can be easily used in stores that accept debit or credit cards. Click here for having more information about using Paypal in stores.

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