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If you are having trouble finding Netflix customer service phone number, Netflix contact e-mail address or any other Netflix contact information; you are at the right place, you can find all the info you need below. You can also experience the successful side of customer service experience with Ga Power.

Netflix Help Center

Netflix has a very powerful support center and you might like to have a look at it first as it has many helpful info on frequently asked questions.

Netflix Contact E-Mail Address

If you would like to send an e-mail to Netflix, you can use the e-mail address below:

Netflix Contact Form

If you would like to send a contact form to Netflix, you can use the link below:

Netflix Live Chat

If you would like to have an online chat session with a real person from Netflix customer care team, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Netflix help page.
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  2. Click on ”Start Live Chat” at the right bottom of the page.
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  3. Select your problem and start to talk with the live agent.
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Netflix Customer Service Phone Number

You can speak with a Netflix customer support representative in person at customer service of Netflix by calling the phone number for Netflix below:

  • Netflix Customer Service Number: 0 (850) 390-7444
  • Netflix Customer Service Working Hours: 24/7

Netflix Mailing Addresses

Corporate Headquarters

100 Winchester Circle
Los Gatos, California 95032
United States

Netflix Social Media Accounts

You can reach Netflix on social media by clicking the links below:

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the answers to your questions about Netflix through customer service. You can also experience this experience with the GTL.

How can I get Netflix free?

  1. Netflix offers free trials for eligible customers. To obtain this, you must first go to
  2. Next, you need to click on the red “Join Free for a Month” text on the home page.
  3. Then you will see the Choose Your Plan page. Click See the Plans on this plan page. This button is also colored red.
  4. Then choose from the many plans you want. At this stage, it doesn’t matter which plan you choose. Because you will not be charged for the first month of these plans. After selecting the plan, simply click Continue.
  5. At this stage, Netflix will ask you for the user’s email address and password in order to confirm. You have to fill in this information.
  6. Then you need to enter your payment information on the page that comes to make the payment. You can use your credit card, debit card or virtual card for your payment information.
  7. You can also use payment methods such as Paypal or Gift Card.
  8. When your time for billing is over, if you cancel your membership and open a new membership, you can start the free trial period again.

How much does it cost to have a Netflix?

Netflix has different price policies for different membership packages. For example, the fee charged for the account may vary depending on how many different people can use an account at the same time. Detailed information on different Netflix packages is as follows:

  1. Basic: The basic streaming plan has many features that are limited to other plans. The cheapest option among Netflix plans is the Basic plan. The basic plan fee is set at $ 8.99 per month. The broadcasts you watch within this plan are in standard definition (SD) resolution quality. This quality is equivalent to the resolution quality of pre-HD television.
  2. Standard: Another package is the Standard package. This package is shown among the most preferred options. Netflix membership, which you can buy for $ 12.99 per month, allows two different people to use Netflix at the same time. Broadcast quality is also determined as HD.
  3. Premium: The Premium package you can buy for $ 15.99 per month is the most expensive package. 4 different people can watch broadcasts on the Netflix screen at the same time. With HD or 4K Ultra HD options, it is possible to benefit from maximum broadcast quality.

How can I watch Netflix on my TV?

If you have a smart TV, you can find Netflix on-screen apps and start using it immediately by logging into your profile. If there is no Netflix among the screen apps, you can download the application from the application market. If your TV is not a smart TV, you can enjoy a higher viewing pleasure by connecting Netflix to your TV with the help of video consoles or HDMI cable.

How can I download TV shows and movies?

  1. To download any TV show or movie on Netflix, first, log in to your profile. Then click Downloads in the upper corner of Netflix. Here you will see the TV series and movies you have downloaded before.
  2. On this page, any of the options See What You Can Download, Find Something to Download, or Find More to Download may appear. Click on one of them. In this way, you will see a page where you can search for TV series, movies, and documentaries offered with the downloadable option.
  3. After opening the TV show or movie, click the Downloads icon. This icon is located on the content’s descriptions page.
  4. You can usually find this icon right next to each available episode.

Why can’t I download some titles?

Netflix strives to ensure that all TV shows and other streams are available for download whenever possible. However, sometimes you may encounter options that cannot be downloaded. There could be three different reasons in this situation:

  1. The rights to the content in question may have been given to another publishing company by the company that owns the copyrights of the content. When this streaming right expires, Netflix will immediately apply for the streaming rights.
  2. The content providers may not be doing a sell-out of the content to download.
  3. Cost, seasonal reasons, popularity, or other localized factors can also be effective.

How do I download the Netflix app?

The Netflix application can be downloaded and used both on devices with IoS operating system and devices with the Android operating system. You can search for the application under the name of Netflix on the application markets and download it completely free of charge. It is possible to download Netflix application for both your smart TVs, smart TVs, desktop and laptop computers, and tablets.

If you want to learn more about downloading Netflix, you can click here.

Why isn’t Netflix working?

If you are trying to trade on Netflix but Netflix is not working, you are probably experiencing a connection problem. In addition, any additional problems on your device or that the Netflix app may not be supported by your device may cause Netflix not to work well. When Netflix is not running, there will be an error code. You can copy this error code to the link here and get much more detailed information.

How do I find TV shows and movies on Netflix?

You can use Recommendations or Search options to find new content on Netflix. The special Netflix algorithm recommends new contents to you based on the content you have watched or viewed before. You can use the search option to find the content you want directly. Click here to learn more about finding and watching content on Netflix.

How does Netflix license TV shows and movies?

Netflix obtains the license rights of the project by signing partnership agreements with content producers and supporting the project financially. Many of the series you see on Netflix now called Netflix Originals are licensed in this way. You can click here to learn more about this topic.

How many people can use a Netflix account at the same time?

There are three different Netflix plans. Each plan has a different monitoring capacity.

  1. Only one person can watch Netflix with the basic plan purchased.
  2. When the standard plan is purchased, Netflix can be watched on different screens by two people at the same time.
  3. When the premium package is purchased, Netflix can be watched on different screens by four people at the same time.

What is a Netflix party?

The Netflix Party system, the new way to watch Netflix with your friends, allows video playback to be synchronized between different users. Moreover, a chat page where you can communicate with your friends about the content you watch is also provided by the system. If you want to know more about the Netflix party, you can click here.

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