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Neiman Marcus is an American brand that owns a chain of luxury stores. It continues to work to serve its customers with the highest quality products. This brand, which has many alternative products, continues to design the most suitable clothes for fashion. Neiman Marcus is very interested in the problems of his customers. You can contact customer service at 1.800.825.8000 to get more detailed information about your problems with the products or the brand. Free and 24-hour customer service will listen to your problems and help you with the fastest solution. You can also catch the experience of Neiman Marcus, which cares about its customers in the field of textile, with Ganz. With the alternative communication methods in our article, you will be able to catch the service you want. 

Neiman Marcus Call Center

Phone Number

Neiman Marcus Customer Service Number: 1-(214) 743-7600

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Working Hours

Every day 7/24

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Direct Contect 

After calling the phone number, you can proceed according to the operator’s directions.

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Customer Service

Neiman Marcus Customer Service Number: 1 800 825-8000

Customer Service Mail Adress

Corporate Office Fax Number

Neiman Marcus Corporate Office Fax Number: 1-(214) 742-4904

Help Page

Click here

Headquarters Address

1618 Main Stone Marcus Square Dallas, Texas 75201 United States

Corporate Office Phone Number

Neiman Marcus Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-(214) 743-7600

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Neiman Marcus Frequently Asked Questions

Neiman Marcus chains serve many locations around the world. You may have questions about these services. In our article, we have shared the answers to frequently asked questions that you are curious about. You can get rid of the questions you wonder about by examining the questions and answers in our article. In addition, you can reach your questions quickly, as in Jo-Ann customer service, with the ones we mentioned in our article. For more information or questions that you can’t find the answer to, all you have to do is call customer service and reach the institutions. Questions and answers are below.

How Long Does the Neiman Marcus Process Take?

The shipping of your orders from Neiman Marcus takes place within 2 working days. So your order will reach you 2 days after it is shipped. Since the orders you place on Friday at noon or on Saturday will start to be supplied after Monday, you can choose your order days accordingly. There may be an additional price request for some heavy products or some products may not be suitable for service provision.

How Does the Process Proceed in Furniture Purchases?

Delivery of furniture from Neiman Marcus can take up to 12 weeks. Customer service will give you an estimated delivery time and date when you place your order. The installation status is available in some countries and not in some countries. In countries other than those listed on Neiman Marcus’ site, assembly and costs are assumed to be at the customer’s expense.

How Can You Cancel a Product Purchased from Neiman Marcus?

An item you purchased from Neiman Marcus can be easily canceled as long as it is in the process of processing. However, if your order is already on its way, you cannot cancel it.

  • In such cases, you can arrange the process by talking to the authorized persons at the customer service number we have mentioned in our article.

 If you have ordered a personalized product from Neiman Marcus, it is not possible to cancel it.

How Can You Order Catalog Items From Neiman Marcus?

There are 3 different methods for ordering products from the catalog. These methods are:

  • Online Transaction: You need to write the catalog code and the number of the product by clicking on the Catalogs & Fast Order site for a product you like from the catalog. In this way, you can order quickly. If you do not see a discount in the catalog on the site, you can get help by calling customer service.
  • Telephone Transaction: You can call the customer service number 1.800.825.8000 free of charge. You will use your credit card information when placing your order.
  • Transaction by Mail: You can call the customer service line at 1.800.825.8000 and have the order form faxed, mailed, or forwarded to you via e-mail. So you can continue with your transaction.

Can You Return an Item From Neiman Marcus Without a Receipt?

In high-end companies like Neiman Marcus, it is very easy to return the products you bought without the use of receipts. You can take a product to the store to replace or return it. You will be able to return the product in less than 60 days. Also, another method is to return it by mail. With this method, you can return the product to the store where you bought it.

Can You Return a Worn Shoe to Neiman Marcus?

It is possible to return a product you bought from the Neiman Marcus store within 60 days. When you want to return, the date you receive the product, the receipt, etc. information is required. With this information, you can easily return the product. However, Neiman Marcus does not take back used, worn or damaged products. You cannot request to return these products.

How Long Does It Take to Get the Refund of the Product You Returned from Neiman Marcus?

According to the Neiman Marcus refund policy, you can receive the refund within 6 weeks after the product you return. Depending on the method you received the product you bought, a refund method is formed. Neiman Marcus takes care of customer payments and will send you the refund of the product you returned as soon as possible.

Does Neiman Marcus Use Multiple Gift Cards?

Gift cards are allowed, one per customer at Neiman Marcus. Gift cards will not be valid for spending above a qualifying level.

  • Your gift cards may not be valid on some selected designer items.
  • You can learn the qualifications of your gift cards for which products they can be used in stores or from customer representative services.

How Long Do Gift Cards Last?

Gift cards are only used online. These gift cards are valid on selected products. Therefore, you cannot use your gift cards on every product. Your gift cards are valid for 2 months from the time you have them. After 2 months, you will not be able to use your gift cards.

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