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McKesson, who has been working internationally in the field of health distribution, continues to work for a world where better healthcare is possible. Claiming to have created the central nervous system of health care, the company works to ensure that health-related technologies, products, innovative inventions, institution-oriented services, and more reach more parts of the world with the highest quality. Be prepared to receive support at McKesson, which has a successful customer service like Walmart. Mainly aiming to enable the delivery of healthcare services with lower wages, the company continues its activities especially in Canada, Europe, and the U.S. McKesson customer service numbers are as follows:

As a patient & consumer, you can reach McKesson customer service by;

As a healthcare company, you can reach McKesson customer service by;

McKesson Customer Support

McKesson Customer Support Number855 404-6724
McKesson Customer Support Calling Back No
Real Person (Not Robot)Yes

McKesson Customer Support Working Hours

Mon–Fri 8:00 am–8:00 pm EST, Sat: 9:30 am–5:00 pm EST
McKesson Customer Support Best Calling Time09:15 – 10:00 AM
McKesson Customer Support Direct Call After calling 855 404-6724, click on 0 and then 1.

McKesson Contact

McKesson Customer Support Co-Pay Assistance, LoyaltyScript and Coupon Support Number

800 479-9546

McKesson Customer Support E-Mail
McKesson Pay Invoice and Reorder SuppliesClick here
McKesson My Care Plus Online Portal Click here for McKesson My Care Plus
McKesson Contact Page Click the link to go to Contact Page of McKesson
McKesson Headquarters Address

6555 State Hwy 161,
Irving, TX, 75039

McKesson Headquarters Telephone Number972 446-4800
McKesson Social Media AccountsMcKesson Facebook, McKesson Instagram, McKesson Linkedin, McKesson Twitter
McKesson Career PageClick the link to go McKesson Career Page

Frequently Asked Questions about McKesson

Want to explore frequently asked questions about McKesson and their accurate, honest, detailed answers? Then you are in the right place! Let’s have a look at them!Also in customer service, McKesson provides you the best service like E-Bay.

Does McKesson pay well?

If you are considering a career in McKesson, it is possible to say that the company is very generous with the payments they make to their employees. According to our research, the city with the highest McKesson salaries is Emeryville, CA. If you live here, McKesson might be one of the best options to start your career. Here, your average salary will be $ 55,780 per year. The average salary in the region where the firm pays the lowest salary in the USA is determined as 52,870 Dollars. For details, you can visit the McKesson career page, create a job application and contact the company.

What kind of drug test does McKesson use?

Like every company, McKesson puts employees on drug tests during recruitment processes. According to the research we have done, the company applies the Urine Analysis test. It will be possible for you to move on to the next stage if you are in line with the conditions and are clear from the analysis. For more information, you can visit the McKesson career page.

What do they do at McKesson?

McKesson firm is basically a company that provides distribution. If you work in a company that provides distribution for companies and services specialized in health, you will work in one of the following areas: accounting, corporate strategy, finance, HR, legal, marketing, management, sales, six sigma, and technology.


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