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MassHealth is an organization that serves children, the elderly, and people with disabilities. It is an organization that helps pay for these people by providing health benefits. It offers direct benefits to people and helps pay for premiums such as health insurance. If you are a MassHealth member, it provides access to many services such as doctor appointments, dentistry, prescription drugs, health care. If you want to reach this institution, which works to provide the best service to its customers, you can reach it by calling (800) 841-2900. You can learn the answers to your questions and the service information from the authorized person you will contact from this number. Masshealt, which achieves professionalism in customer service in the field of health, achieves success just like IEHP. A service that you will be satisfied with is waiting for you with the alternative communication methods in our article.

MassHealth Call Center

Phone Number

Masshealt Customer Service Number: 1-305-378-3000

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Working Hours

Monday-Friday  08.00 am- 17.00pm

Best Call Time

2 pm

Direct Contact 

After calling the phone number, you can proceed according to the operator’s directions.

MassHealth Contact

Customer Service

Masshealt Customer Service Number: (800) 841-2900

Customer Service Mail Adress

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Headquarters Address

100 Hancock St., 6. Kat, Quincy, MA 02171

Corporate Office Phone Number

Masshealt Corporate Office Phone Number: (800) 862-8341

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MassHealthFrequently Asked Questions

MassHealth is an organization that stands out with its work in the field of health. You may have questions about this organization that has emerged with health plans in many ways. We wanted to share these questions in our article under frequently asked questions and answers. You can learn the questions you are wondering with the questions and answers we provide. Come and take a look at the questions and answers in our article below. As with Immunotec customer service, Masshealt will provide you with the information you request. You will also be able to learn detailed information about the health questions prepared for you by connecting to customer services.

Can You Be Penalized For Not Having Health Insurance?

According to Massachusetts law, people must have health insurance. If you do not have insurance and no standard meets your insurance, you will face tax penalties. If you want to get information about the penalty, you can contact the MassHealth Revenue Office at 800-392-6089 and get the information you want.

Can You Cancel Your Own Health Insurance?

If you don’t have an alternative cover that meets the minimum creditable coverage standards, canceling your health insurance can be difficult for you. If you have signed up for a health plan with Masshealth privilege, you must contact the institution to cancel your enrollment. In order not to be out of scope, you can learn when your new plan will start by keeping in touch.

  • Your health insurance coverage will be canceled if you change jobs, quit your job, or retire.

What Information Can The Insurance Company Ask Of Me When I’m Shopping For Insurance?

The insurance company may request very little information from you. They may ask for your name, age, contact information, and coverage of your insurance preference to send you quotes. However, they cannot ask you questions about your medical history, ailments, and which drug prescriptions you use. You can apply for insurance at From here you will be able to learn the information you want.

What Should You Do If Your Child Doesn’t Have Insurance Coverage By Turning 26?

Your children have 60 days from the date their insurance expires to purchase new insurance and avoid penalties. There are many health plans available for them. You can visit the MassHealth site to choose the most suitable of these health plans. In this way, you will be able to renew your children’s health insurance by choosing the plan you want and prefer. You can access the plans at here.

What is the Concept of Medical Necessity and What Does It Mean?

Medical necessity refers to health services that are in harmony with generally accepted principles of professional medical practice, as determined by the following specific conditions of service:

  1. The most appropriate level of supply or service available to the insured person, taking into account possible benefits and harms to the individual.
  2. Appears to be effective in improving and improving health outcomes based on scientific evidence, professional standards, and expert opinion.
  3. It is based on scientific evidence when used for services and interventions that are not commonly used.

DOI cannot make medical necessity determinations. If your claim is denied and your insurer wants medical necessity as a justification, you can appeal to the insurer. You can also request a review by the Patient Protection Office.

According To Your Divorce Decision, Your ex-wife Has To Provide Your Health Insurance. Does Health Insurance Have To Allow This?

If the judge has allowed your spouse to maintain your health insurance in the event of a divorce, your insurance providers must agree and comply. Generally, your insurer should comply, unless the law changes this. When you decide to remarry, you need to get enough information about whether this is valid or not.

Do Health Insurance Plans Include Prescription Medicines?

Most health plans cover prescription drugs. It also helps pay for the costs. You will be presented with the medicines and instructions covered by the insurance. You can find out which drugs are covered from the directive presented to you. There are many prescription drug delivery methods available. If you have not met the medicine you want from these medicines and you want to be covered, you can contact your insurance company. They can make an exception for you. If they do not, you can also appeal to the necessary institutions.

How Do You Decide Which of Your Two Health Insurances Takes Priority?

If you have two health insurances and you can’t decide which has priority based on their content, what you need to do is talk to the insurance companies. You give priority to the insurance you need to choose with the plans and guidelines offered by insurance companies.

  • Customer service and institution numbers will be the places where you should get support to choose the most suitable insurance.



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