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IHG Hotel institution is known as a company located in England that welcomes people from all over the world. It continues to serve with the hotels it provides in more than 100 countries in different locations around the world. The institution stands out in many aspects to provide the best service to its customers. It tries to provide the best service in accommodation by selling many collections to its customers. It is known as a multinational British company with guests from all over the world. They offer unlimited advantages and accommodation opportunities in their hotels for their customers. There is also a professional support team working for customers who will prefer this institution. If you are going to prefer IHG Hotel on your international travels, you can try different brands. You can review the communication ways in our article to connect to the customer services, which will give you detailed information about your accommodation. All alternative communication ways are presented to you in our article. We also recommend that you review our article for detailed information about the institution. To go to your hotel safely, you can also see Uber customer service article.

Intercontinental Hotels Group Call Center

Phone NumberIntercontinental Hotels Group Phone Number:

+44 (0) 1895 512000

Working HoursEveryday 7/24 hours
Direct Contact  After calling the phone number, you can proceed according to the operator’s directions.

Intercontinental Hotels Group Contact

Customer Service NumberIntercontinental Hotels Group Customer Service Number:


Customer Service Mail Adress Keith.barr@ihg.com
Help Pagehttps://www.ihg.com/content/us/en/customer-care/main
Headquarters AddressInterContinental Hotels Group PLC

Broadwater Park





Corporate Office Phone NumberIntercontinental Hotels Group Corporate Office Phone Number:

+44 (0) 1895 512000

Social Media Accounts Facebook


Intercontinental Hotels Group Frequently Asked Questions

As a British company, IHG hotel is an institution open to different countries. This institution has been providing the best accommodation opportunities to its customers in its hotels for many years. The institution, which consists of different brands, is known worldwide. In this way, it spread all over the world and opened its institutions in different locations. Customers who want to take advantage of the facilities of these hotels may have questions. The institution has support teams to assist you in this regard. In addition, if you examine the frequently asked questions section we have created for you in our article, you will be able to encounter many examples of questions and answers. It is possible to encounter the information you are curious about in the questions and answers prepared for you. If you still have not found what you are wondering, do not forget that you can try the communication ways in our article.

Can You Change or Cancel Your Reservations at IHG?

If you have a reservation at IHG hotels and want to cancel or change your reservation due to a mishap, you will be able to do so. To change or cancel your reservation, go to the hotel’s official website. Thus, you can go to the official site and enter the “Manage Reservations” section. On this page, you will be able to organize your reservations. If you are still having problems, you can call the IHG offices to arrange your reservations. In this way, you will receive the service you want in a short time.

Are You Charged for Online Reservations?

Many hotel sites charge you a fee when making your online reservation. However, IHG institutions do not charge you a fee for your reservations. Reservation fees, which are usually up to $10 by institutions, are not offered to you by IHG institutions. It will be enough to call the institution to make your reservation. You can rest assured that your reservation will be made free of charge.

Why Do You Need a Credit Card for Internet Reservations?

The reason you need a credit card for online reservations is that:

  • If you make your online reservations with a credit card, your reservation will be secured. In this way, your warranty is created.
  • Even if your reservation is not accepted, IHG institutions will offer you the most suitable and similar hotel. It also pays for your phone calls.
  • Finally, the institution will fully pay you for the night you will stay. Advance deposits will also be refunded to you.

How to Book Accommodation with Rewards Club Points at IHG Institution?

If you have IHG Rewards Club points, you must log in to the institution’s official site to make a reservation with these points. In this way, you will be able to create your reservation. You can log in with your IHG Rewards Club number and PIN. Then log in to the Gift Nights section to make your reservation. In this way, you will be presented with options for your reservation. It is possible to complete your transaction from this section.

How Do You Plan Meeting, Event, or Group Reservations?

IHG hotels have services for meetings and group events. In these services, it ensures that its customers receive the most comfortable and luxurious service. The institution that provides many advantages and opportunities to its customers surprises them. To make these reservations and to get detailed information about these services, you should contact the institution. You can connect to customer service through the communication ways in our article. In this way, all services will be conveyed to you in detail.

How to Get Detailed Information About IHG Hotels’ Locations?

If you want to get detailed information about IHG hotels located in different places all over the world, you can visit the official site. On this site, you will see hotel listings and locations. You can also get detailed information about the hotels in each location. You will be able to choose the most suitable hotel for yourself by learning about the advantages and services that will be provided to you thanks to the guides.

If You Can’t Find Your IHG Rewards Club Card, Can You Get a New One?

If you have not found and lost your IHG Rewards Club floor, it is possible to get a new card. To do this, you must be logged in to the site. Then you can request a new card by going to the options related to your card. You will be able to start using this card immediately. In addition, if you have a card that you want to be sent to you, the institution will deliver it to you within 2 to 4 weeks. Do not forget to select the order card option to have this card.

Can You Buy IHG Rewards Club Points?

It is possible to purchase IHG Rewards Club points. Note that you can purchase these points in increments of 100000 and 1000 points. If you want to get information about additional terms and conditions about costs in this regard, you must log in with your account. Then you will be able to get information about this by logging in to the necessary places from your account.

Can You Pass Your Points On To Your Family Or Friends?

It is possible to transfer IHG Rewards Club points to other people. The conditions for this are:

  1. You can transfer your IHG Rewards Club points to another member for $5 for 1000 points. Note that this member must also be a member of the IHG Rewards Club.
  2. There is no limit on the points you can transfer while making your transfer. You will be able to send the amount you want to the person you want.
  3. If you want to get information about the cost of your points and the amount of increase, please review your account status. If you have a problem with this, you can call the IHG Rewards Club offices. Authorized persons work for you. In this way, you can direct your questions to them.

Do Your IHG Rewards Club Points Expire?

IHG institution provides special opportunities to its customers who prefer the company frequently. The institution, which rewards customers with the points it provides, tries to provide them with a better service. However, it also states that if the customers’ account activity is not active for 12 months, the points they have will be lost. Therefore, customers must redeem their points within 12 months.

  • If you want to keep your points balance, redeem or transfer your points on time.

How to Become an IHG Rewards Club Gold Elite Member?

Here are the requirements for you to become a Gold Elite membership from IHG Rewards:

  1. You can have this membership if you stay at least 10 nights in affordable rooms at IHG hotels. Also, don’t forget that you will also earn elite qualification points.
  2. Once you become a Gold Elite member, you will stay with this status for a while. Do not forget that you will benefit from many advantages in this way. You can visit the official site to learn about the advantages.

How Do You Benefit from the IHG Best Price Guarantee?

IHG hotels provide you with the best price guarantees on their sites. If you want to stay in the best hotel rooms of IHG, you can go to the best price guarantee section on the official website of the institution. In this way, you can have detailed information about your warranty. In addition, if you want information about the subject by connecting to customer service, do not forget that they will give you detailed explanations.

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