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Duke Energy Help Center

Duke Energy has a very powerful support center and you might like to have a look at it first as it has many helpful info on frequently asked questions. Discover the success of General Motors‘ customer service with Duke Energy.

Duke Energy Contact E-Mail Address

If you would like to send an e-mail to Duke Energy, you can use the e-mail address below:

Duke Energy Contact Form

If you would like to send a contact form to Duke Energy, you can use the link below:

Duke Energy Customer Service Phone Number

Have the professionalism of the team that Shell provides to provide the best service to its customers with Duke Energy. You can speak with a Duke Energy customer support representative in person at customer service of Duke Energy by calling the phone numbers for Duke Energy below:

  • Duke Energy Customer Service Number: 1 (800) 700-8744
  • Duke Energy Media Contacts Service Number: 1 (800) 559-3853
  • Duke Energy Investor Relations Service Number: 1 (800) 488-3853
  • Duke Energy Business Service Number: 1 (877) 372-8477
  • Duke Energy Customer Service Working Hours: Monday – Friday 7 am to 7 pm.

Duke Energy Mailing Addresses

Corporate Headquarters

Duke Energy

Duke Energy Social Media Accounts

You can reach Duke Energy on social media by clicking the links below:

Frequently Asked Questions

How can i find nearest Duke Energy Payment Location to me?

You can use Duke Energy Payment Locator tool to see a list of Duke Energy stores near to you.

How much is the Duke Energy deposit?

The deposit amount may vary according to the type of subscription or user. Deposit amount calculation is determined according to equal to approximately two-twelfths (2/12) of the estimated charge for service. Duke Energy security deposits can be provided in the following ways:

  1. Cash deposits
  2. An Irrevocable Letter of Credit provided by adding on the customer’s expense
  3. The deposit provided as A Surety Bond

Deposits are returned to users as long as any damage related to the service is not caused by the user. The users who make their payments every month and do so regularly for a year benefit from the deposit refund process. In addition, there are simple interest is paid on customer deposits in the deposit refund process. Accordingly, an annual interest rate of 8 percent is applied above the deposit amount. For having more information about Duke Energy deposit policy, click here

What is the price for duke energy stock?

Duke energy stocks have increased from 0.80 percent to 1 percent during the frost. You may need to pay $ 82.47 to buy the institution’s stocks. Duke Energy stocks are considered reliable by investors, and it is also possible to say that Duke Energy stock value was crimped during the COVID-19 period. The annual revenue of the company was determined as 22.74 billion USD for 2016, and the total number of employees of the company compared to 2016 is known as 28.798.

How late can you pay the Duke Energy bill?

Duke Energy’s disconnection procedures are straightforward. When the bill given to you through Duke Energy goes into a twenty-five-day delay, a 1 percent delay increase will be reflected on your bill and the situation is called ”past due”. Later, when your next bill arrives, this surcharge appears on the next bill. You will be notified of the expiration date of the notice with your invoice. If you do not pay by the specified date, the disconnection process will start. You will receive a phone call or e-mail informing you about the issue at least 3 days before disconnection occurs. If you want to communicate with the institution within this process, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. You can reach it between Monday through Thursday. Click here to learn more about Duke Energy’s late bill payment and disconnection process.

Why is my Duke bill so high?

There are several reasons why your Duke Energy bill might be high:

  1. Your stay at home and electricity consumption may have increased during the month in question.
  2. A device you just started using may be burning more electricity than you think.
  3. There may be a problem with your electrical installation.
  4. The invoice may be incorrect. You can contact Duke Energy for this.
  5. In addition, cold weather can be a sign of high bills for users who also provide heating with electricity. Duke Energy has a system called High Bill Alerts for this. If there is a prediction that your next bill will be 30% and $ 30 higher than usual, the system will send you an alert about it. Click here for more information on high bill alerts.

Can Duke Energy shoot off the electric?

Duke Energy has the right to initiate the disconnection procedure if the electric bill is not paid within the specified period.

How long does it take for Duke Energy to reconnect power?

Your electrical energy can be disconnected due to problems in the payment procedure. In this case, you can call 1 (800) 452-2777 and find out what to do for reconnection. Duke Energy charges an additional fee for reconnection and requires payment of all previous debts. The restore or reconnection process can take from 35 to 40 days.

How does duke energy generate electricity?

Duke Energy produces electrical energy in 5 different ways. These methods can be listed as follows:

  1. Nuclear Power Plants: Approximately 50 percent of the need is provided by nuclear energy, especially in states with high electricity needs such as South Carolina. Duke Energy is a pioneer in this field.
  2. Oil and Gas Electric Plants: The electricity generated by burning fossil fuels is more during periods of high power supply.
  3. Electricity by Coal: For more than 30 years, Duke Energy has been producing electricity directly from coal.
  4. Pumped Storage Hydro Plants: Pumped-storage plants, where the power of potential electricity is used, enables the conversion of electricity by preserving water.
  5. Conventional Hydro Plants: Conventional hydro plants, which completely nature friendly and provide electricity to be produced inexpensively, are another tool using Duke Energy.

How to pay duke energy bills online?

Click here to pay your electricity bill online. You can make your payment quickly and easily with a credit card, debit card, or electronic check payment.

How to report a power outage, Duke Energy?

You can call the following numbers to immediately report a problem with Power:

  1. Duke Energy Carolinas: 1 (800) 769-3766
  2. Duke Energy Florida: 1 (800) 228-8485
  3. Duke Energy Indiana: 1 (800) 343-3525
  4. Duke Energy Ohio / Kentucky: 1 (800) 543-5599
  5. Duke Energy Progress: 1 (800) 419-6356
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