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Chegg is a California-based education company. This company provides digital textbooks, online courses, and student services to students. This institution, which provides services to many customers, has been developing itself for years. This platform, which is the most preferred platform for students, is preferred by everyone with its services, just like other education platform Kaplan. Students who want to receive service in high school, university, and other career fields prefer this platform and have the opportunity to try many materials. Chegg institution provides the best service in preparation for many exams as well as helping students pass their classes. Thanks to the online service he provides to his students, he is always with his students. This publicly-traded company is located in many centers. If you want to achieve academic success by choosing this institution, you may have questions. We share with you the communication ways of the institution to answer your questions. You can reach Chegg by trying alternative communication ways in our article.

Chegg Call Center

Phone Number

Chegg Phone Number:

1-(800) 937-5449

Fax Number

Chegg Fax Number:

1-(855) 581-9873

Working Hours

7/24 everyday

Direct Contact 

After calling the phone number, you can proceed according to the operator’s directions.

Chegg Contact

Customer Service Number

Chegg Customer Service Number:


Customer Service Mail Adress

Help Page

Headquarters Address

3990 Freedom Cir

Santa Clara, CA 95054

United States of America

Corporate Office Phone Number

Chegg Corporate Office Phone Number:

1-(800) 937-5449

Social Media Accounts





Chegg Frequently Asked Questions

Chegg, which is one of the most preferred platforms by students, provides services in many areas. Thanks to the service it provides 24/7, students have stood by it in every field. If you want to get service from this platform for some of your exams and lessons, you may have questions, just like you may have questions about Aldo. The institution attaches great importance to your questions due to the services it provides online. For inquiries, you can use the contact information of the institution. We also shared the answers to frequently asked questions for your questions. By examining the questions and answers below, you will be able to learn the information you are curious about.

How do Will Chegg Experts work?

Chegg experts will answer questions asked by students. Chegg experts must professionally answer students’ questions. Therefore, Chegg professionals must comply with Chegg’s quality limits and academic integrity. Working with experts who ensure this harmony, Chegg provides the best service to its students.

Do You Have to Pay Fees When Starting Your Chegg Application?

There are no fees when starting your application at Chegg. If you work with Chegg, you will not have to pay at any time and during your tenure.

How Are Chegg Experts Paid?

Chegg experts are paid monthly. The details of these payments are as follows:

  • Payments are calculated for questions resolved within 1 month and the previous month. These payments will be sent by bank transfer until the 15th of each month.
  • Also note that payments to Chegg experts are not made via Paytm, Google Pay, Airtel Money, and Cash. That’s why other ways are used for your payments.

Does Chegg Provide You Security If It Asks You For Banking and Other Information?

Chegg institutions value the privacy of their customers.

The purpose of the institution requesting certain information from you is:

  • Your information is required to verify your candidacy and to make payments to your account each month.
  • Therefore, the security of your information is ensured in the best ways. You can give your information to the institution with confidence.

What Should You Do If You Are A Chegg Member And Can’t Log In?

If you are a member of Chegg and cannot log in, here are the first things you need to do:

  1. You should double-check the e-mail and password you have logged into your account.
  2. Please note that your e-mail address and password are case-sensitive. Therefore, it is very important to enter this information correctly.
  3. If your password and e-mail are still incorrect, you should click on “Forgot Password”. In this way, you will be able to log in to your account by resetting all your information.

Why Can’t You See a Topic You Selected While Signing Up?

Chegg always hires experts on a service basis. Therefore, it determines a sufficient number of experts in every subject. If sufficient staff is formed with this number of experts, this category is closed completely. Candidates applying for this category will no longer be approved. If there is a vacant quota in a category, candidates can be rehired.

What Educational Documents Should You Share When Applying to Chegg?

If you are applying to Chegg as a student and you still have not completed your graduation, here is what you need to submit:

  • You must submit an electronic copy of your university ID card.
  • You must also submit a copy of a transcript issued by your college.
  • If you have a graduation degree from your college, you must send a copy of your degree.

Is It Possible For Someone To Use Your Information If You Don’t Have A Bank Account?

Payments of Chegg experts will only be sent to their bank accounts. If you are a Chegg expert, you should share the details of your bank account. In this way, your payments will be sent to your account correctly.

  • If you share other people’s account information with the institution, this information will not be valid. That’s why you need to provide your information.

What Should You Do to Save Money on Chegg?

There are many offers you can use on Chegg. You can save money by using these offers. When 91 active offers are presented to you, you can search and find the most suitable one for you. Also, Chegg shares many special deals on all of his social media accounts. You can catch these opportunities by following Chegg’s social media accounts. It shares many products for Chegg on Amazon and sells them at affordable prices. So if you’re a Prime member, you can also check out Amazon.

Can You See Your Order History on Chegg?

It is possible to see your order history on Chegg. To do this, you must first log into your account. After opening your account on the Chegg site, you must go to the “Orders” section. In this way, your entire history will appear in the orders section. It is possible to use all the information from this section as a receipt.

Is Chegg Trustworthy?

Chegg site is a reliable seller for buying or renting textbooks. The company, which has been serving for years, has a reliable infrastructure. It also ensures all compliance legally. If you want to get service from this company and you have questions about reliability, you can contact customer service. Customer service will provide you with detailed information.

Does Chegg Have a Skip Limit?

There is no limit to skip questions in Chegg. Your goal is to try to answer as many questions as possible. Sometimes it is possible to skip a question if the level of the question is beyond your expertise. When you skip the question, you will need to state your reason for skipping this question. There is no limit to how many questions you can skip. But the questions presented to you are limited. That’s why you shouldn’t skip all the questions that come your way.

  • Please note that if you skip the questions without answers, you will not be able to earn points and get paid.

What is TBS Specialization?

TBS experts are people who provide you with textbook solutions. Chegg’s file is sent to you. You will need to write down the solutions to the questions in this file. These questions are all taken from American textbooks. There will be a compilation of 15 to 20 questions in this file.

  • You should write the answers to the questions digitally and collect all the answers in a word file. In this way, it will be possible to send your word file to the institution.
  • Please note that you will be charged for each of the questions you answer. Your payments will be made on the 15th of each month.

Is It Possible to Change Topics on Chegg?

If you have a new topic selected on Chegg, a topic test will appear for you. If your subject change is in a similar field, you need to reach the institution for this. You should reach them using the contact information of the institution. This way you can request permission to change topics. Chegg’s rules are changing. That’s why you should make your decisions carefully. In this way, Chegg will help you choose the most suitable topic for you.

How Does Chegg Maintain Quality?

The Chegg institution has a supervisory team to maintain its quality. This team requires a certain range of points to keep the quality at the best level. If you do not meet this score range, your account will be canceled. That’s why you can be warned. As long as you ensure quality, you will not have a problem with your account.

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