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The Burberry company designs luxury clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. This company was established of British origin. The company, which has been in existence since 2016, has institutions in many parts of the world. The income of the company, which continues its existence in many locations, is quite high. The number of employees in the company is more than 10 thousand. Thus, the company strives to provide the best service to its customers all over the world. The company provides a retail outlet while selling custom designs, various clothing, and accessories to its customers, as Under Armour does. Many people prefer the company, which has a wide variety of clothing and accessories. If you have tried or want to try the products of this company, you may want to contact the institution. In our article, we have provided detailed information about the institution for you. In addition, we have provided you with many communication ways to reach the institution. If you wish, you can reach the institution from the customer service number we offer you. This way, you can get the support you want. Let’s start the review.

Burberry Call Center

Phone Number

Burberry Phone Number:


Working Hours

7/24 hours

Direct Contact 

After calling the phone number, you can proceed according to the operator’s directions.

Burberry Contact

Customer Service Number

Burberry Customer Service Number:


Customer Service Mail Adress


Help Page


Headquarters Address

Horseferry House, Horseferry Rd

Westminster, London SW1P 2AW

United Kingdom

Corporate Office Phone Number

Burberry Corporate Office Phone Number:


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Burberry Frequently Asked Questions

Burberry appeals to everyone with the luxury clothing it designed. The company, which is famous around the world, comes to the fore with its designs. It develops the clothes preferred by everyone and offers better designs to its customers every day, just like Ray-Ban does. If you want to shop from this company’s products, or if you have done so, you may have questions. In the frequently asked questions and answers section we have prepared for you, you will be able to encounter the questions you are curious about. Below are questions and answers for your review. If you still have not found the answer to the question you are wondering about, you can try the communication ways we have presented in our article. Come and start reviewing all the questions and answers.

How to Personalize an Item Purchased from Burberry?

It is possible to customize a product you bought from Burberry. But the products must be suitable for customization. If it is a suitable product, you will see options on the page. You can personalize your item by applying the options you want. Thus, your product will be ready. You will then be able to place your order.

What Does the Term Online, Privately, Mean on Burberry?

If you see a special text online on a product you will buy at Burberry, this product can be purchased from Burberry’s online site or application. Also, this product is not available in Burberry’s store or a Burberry retailer. Therefore, you should try to buy the product from Burberry’s website. If you are having difficulty placing your order, here is what you should do:

  • You can connect to their customer service online at Burberry’s site. In this way, you will be able to buy the product you have specifically determined online, through a store. The product you want will be waiting for you at the nearest store. In this way, you can go to the store you want and get the product with the chance to be delivered in the store.

What Is The Reason If Your Loan And Bank Profit Are Rejected During Payment?

If you receive a notification of rejection when placing an order with your credit and debit card, then what you need to do is to call your bank or payment provider. But before you do this, you will need to make sure that:

  • First of all, you should make sure that the card details you entered and your payment information are correct. Your 16-digit code and card type must be correct. You should also ensure that your security code is correct. After providing these, you should make sure that your credit card has not expired.

If you are sure that your card details and payment information are correct, you should also consider the following:

  • You should check that the card you are paying with and your payment method is active and have not expired.
  • You should check and edit your credit card details and payment information by reviewing the instructions in the section with your billing address.
  • You should make sure that the security code on the card and payment method you choose is correct.

Burberry institutions request the information they request from you again to ensure the security of the information.

Is it Possible to Request a Tax Refund for Your Online Shopping?

It is not possible to claim a tax refund on your purchases from Burberry. The taxes of your purchases will not be refunded due to the VAT Retail Export Program.


What Are Burberry’s Shipping Restrictions?

Burberry has international trade agreements and regulations. Some regulations must be followed, especially for some products such as exotic leathers, furs, cosmetics, fragrances, nail polishes. Due to these regulations, products are not shipped to countries outside the US or some US states. Especially in Russia, there are some restrictions on jewelry.

  • Therefore, when you place an order from Burberry, you will be given detailed information about the restrictions in the checkout section.

Where Is Burberry Cashmere Scarf Made?

Burberry Classic Cashmere Scarves are usually produced in some towns in Scotland. These cashmere scarves, specially produced in historical factories, have a special structure. Each of the scarves is made from natural fibers and with the knowledge of experts with detailed knowledge for generations. In addition, different types of Burberry Cashmere scarves are among the items produced in other countries.

How to Wash Burberry Cashmere Scarf?

During the weaving of Burberry Cashmere Scarf, especially high-quality yarns and special products were preferred. Therefore, it has a delicate structure. Hand washing should not be preferred while washing this product. It is recommended that you carefully examine the labels on the products to make the care instructions correctly.

  • There are also special care details for the characteristic softness and shine of the scarves. Therefore, you can consult a dry cleaner about washing the product.

Where is the Burberry Heritage Trench Coat Made?

Burberry’s Heritage Trench Coats are custom made in the UK. Therefore, many stages are passed during the production of this product. During the construction process of the trench coat, many techniques are required to be completed and to provide a shoddy, unique appearance.

Is the Burberry Trench Coat a Waterproof Structure?

Burberry’s trench coats are waterproof. Known as the Heritage trench coat, this product is designed to protect against rain. These trench coat items are made with waterproof cotton gabardine fabric. The product, which has an innovative fabric structure, consists of thin and compacted cotton. This prevents water from entering the fabric.

How to Wash Burberry Trench Coats?

Burberry trench coats are not suitable for washing. Burberry’s trench coats often need professional dry cleaning. That’s why you should read the instructions for the products correctly. You can clean your trench coat properly if the care labels are carefully examined. You should also ensure that it remains waterproof as a result of dry cleaning.

Does Burberry Provide Repair Services?

Burberry has a dedicated service for handbags, leather goods, and clothing. If you have a product other than outerwear, the repair service is not available for these products.

You should visit local stores to have your items reviewed. In this way, you will be informed about the options available to you. Even if not all of your repairs are covered by Burberry, we will try to honor your request.

Does Burberry Offer Remodeling Service?

For full-priced garments purchased from Burberry, you can request a change service within three months. In case of any change, necessary actions will be taken. Your use of this free service will be for basic changes only. If you want different changes, they will have a fee.

Are Products Sent From Some Countries Due To Covid-19 Safe?

A product you buy from Burberry will be delivered to you most reliably, even if it is sent from the regions where Covid-19 is concentrated. Trying to ensure the safety of its customers, Burberry complies with all the recommendations of the World Health Organization. Thus, it is determined that the risk of viruses is the least for the products that travel and are exposed to different temperatures. In this way, you can easily receive all packages with the lowest risk of virus infection.

  • If you are worried about the reliability of the products, you can get more detailed information about the products by contacting Burberry customer service. In addition, you will be explained in detail the measures taken during the pandemic process.

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