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Boeing company, which is one of the best companies in aircraft construction, has been working for many years. Founded in 1916 in Settle, this company strives to provide the best service in the aircraft industry. In particular, the institution that provides the production of aircraft with many varieties is known for its success. The Boeing company aimed to provide the best transportation and travel facilities with their planes. That’s why it continues to provide the best planes, rockets, and space studies by working with the most professional teams. The company, which tries to support its work with many sustainability projects, tries to provide the best service to its customers. If you want to get information about the institution, you can reach customer services by calling +1-312-544-2000. You can also try alternative communication ways in our article. In this way, you can get the information you want by contacting the support teams. If you are interested in tech companies more, you may also have a look at GTL customer service article.

Boeing Call Center

Phone Number

Boeing Phone Number:

+1 312-544-2000

Fax Number

Boeing Fax Number:

1-(202) 358-4338

Working Hours

7/24 everyday

Direct Contact 

After calling the phone number, you can proceed according to the operator’s directions.

Boeing Contact

Customer Service Number

Boeing Customer Service Number:


Customer Service Mail Adress

Help Page

Headquarters Address

100 North Riverside, Chicago, IL 60606, USA

Corporate Office Phone Number

Boeing Corporate Office Phone Number:

+1 312-544-2000

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Boeing Frequently Asked Questions

Boeing company is a self-developed institution in the aircraft industry. The institution trying to serve the public has been serving for years, just like GA Power. The institution, which provides services in the field of transportation and travel, continues its aircraft designs in many fields. In addition, the institution, which continues its rocket and space studies, comes to the fore with its new works every year. If you want to get information about the planes and works of this institution, you can call the support team of the institution. Or you can get information by examining the questions and answers in the frequently asked questions section we have prepared for you.

What Happens If Boeing Doesn’t Want To Wear Masks At Its Facilities?

The institution, which cares about ensuring the health and safety of its employees, families, and people in the community, cares about wearing masks. It is a company that adopts many policies to ensure health in this regard. Therefore, it implements policies to prevent the spread of the virus. You and all employees are requested to comply with the mask policy. In this way, no one’s health will be endangered. Do not forget that there are disciplinary penalties if these rules are not followed.

Do Health Policies Apply to Employees at Boeing Subsidiary?

All health policies adopted by the Boeing corporation will apply to each employee. That’s why Boeing supports all efforts with its business unit and partners.

Should Suppliers, Customers, or Visitors Wear Masks When Entering Facilities?

All employees, as well as suppliers, customers, and other visitors entering the facility must wear masks. If you do not have a mask, Boeing institutions will provide you with a mask free of charge. In particular, suppliers will not be able to enter the institution without wearing a mask.

  • Do not forget that if you are trying to enter the facility as a supplier and you do not have a mask, the institution may charge you for the masks it will provide. This fee may vary depending on the institution.

Are Face Masks Valid All Over the Institution?

Your obligation to wear your face mask will apply in the parking lot, on the field, outdoors, and everywhere else. That’s why you’re required to wear masks throughout Boeing establishments.

What Happens If Suppliers Or Customers Refuse to Wear Masks at Boeing Field?

Boeing organizations require their customers and suppliers to wear masks. Therefore, all persons in the field area must wear masks. If these people refuse to wear masks, institution officials will instruct them to leave the field.

How Do You Get Information About the Health Rules Accepted by Airlines and Airports?

If you want to get information for each airport and airport during your journey, here are the things you need to do:

  • First of all, you should visit the official sites of the airports and airports you will travel to. In this way, you can take advantage of the information available there. You will be able to get detailed information on the site, which has many health and hygiene safety information.
  • You can also benefit from airline and airport vehicles such as Oneworld, SkyTeam, and Star Alliance.

How do Boeing And Airlines Work Together?

Boeing, which wants to provide the best service to its airline customers, implements cabin cleaning between flights, distances between passengers, and the policy of wearing masks on the plane and in the facilities. In this way, it works with airlines to protect people’s health with its reliable policies.

  • It also tries to provide the best support in the field of health, thanks to the guides it provides to its customers during the journey. Thanks to detailed information, the best service is provided to customers.

Does Boeing Recommend Airline Customers Have a Health Screening Before Boarding?

Boeing requires passengers to be screened before boarding to prevent the spread of epidemics. Therefore, the institution working with the airport authorities takes the best precautions for the health of the passengers. Assists travelers with screenings to ensure local public health.

How Often Do HEPA Filters Change?

Boeing company recommends changing HEPA filters between 12 and 18 months. Thanks to regular maintenance intervals, the filters will continue to be used most effectively. Since HEPA filters provide additional filtration, care should be taken to replace them before the recommended maintenance period.

Why Does Boeing Care about Supplier Diversity?

Boeing is an institution that attaches importance to supplier diversity. Boeing aims to work with different suppliers to cater to its diverse global customers. Thanks to these efforts to offer products to a more diverse market, it contributes to businesses. In addition, thanks to the diversity of suppliers, it continues to work with many people who offer creative product and service solutions. In this way, positive effects on the business world and the population are achieved.

How to Register as a Supplier with Boeing’s Assessment System?

All suppliers are required to register their companies and keep their information as suppliers up to date. Thus, you can register with Boeing and share your company information with the institution.

  • However, there is no guarantee that you will do business with Boeing if you register with Boeing. Your registration does not guarantee you employment contracts.

What Features Does Boeing Require in a Supplier?

When recruiting suppliers, the Boeing company wants features such as:

  1. Boeing demands safety, quality, and integrity first and foremost from its suppliers. In this way, he wants to see that he can carry on business with mutual trust and respect.
  2. Boeing wants its products to stand out in technology and cost competitiveness. That’s why it wants to work with advanced suppliers to deliver innovative and market-leading technologies.
  3. It wants its suppliers to be knowledgeable in the aerospace industry and its team to be made up of experienced, talented people.

Thanks to these features, it starts working with its suppliers. If you want to be a supplier, you should have these features in yourself and your team. Thus, you can contact the institution.

Is It Possible to Contact Managers for a Specific Buying Opportunity?

Boeing works with executives to scrutinize the procurement process and opportunities for supplier diversity. Therefore, if you want to get information about a purchasing opportunity and suppliers’ supply opportunities, you should contact the institution. It will be possible to reach the institution by using the communication channels in our article. In this way, you will be able to communicate with the managers by forwarding your requests. The support team will guide you according to the situation.

How Does The Boeing Company Make Money?

Boeing company manufactures many products related to commercial, military aircraft, weapon systems, strategic defense, and intelligence systems. It also stands out with the services it provides in these areas. The largest revenue is generated by commercial aircraft. In addition, the US government prefers Boeing institutions in many areas. Generally, Boeing earns good money by working in the fields of defense, aerospace, and security.

What Does Boeing Do?

Boeing Corporation is the world’s largest aerospace vehicle supplier. The institution serving in the USA provides products and services in many fields. It designs successful products especially in the fields of aviation and space. It is also an institution known as the manufacturer of systems and after-sales support provider in areas such as commercial jet aircraft, defense, and security. This company works with many suppliers to provide the best service to its customers.

How Many Airplanes Does The Boeing Corporation Produce A Year?

The Boeing corporation tries to increase the amount of aircraft every year and to produce its aircraft in the best way possible. The institution, which produced 380 aircraft in 2019, produced 806 aircraft in 2018. Finally, it closed the year by delivering 157 aircraft in 2020. The institution is known as one of the leading companies in the number of aircraft production.





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