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If you are having trouble finding Bath Fitter customer service phone number, Bath Fitter contact e-mail address or any other Bath Fitter contact information; you are at the right place, you can find all the info you need below. The importance that a successful institution like Bath Fitter attaches to its customers will also come across eBay.

Bath Fitter Help Center

Bath Fitter has a very powerful support center and you might like to have a look at it first as it has many helpful info on frequently asked questions.

Bath Fitter Contact E-Mail Address

If you would like to send an e-mail to Bath Fitter, you can use the e-mail address below:

Bath Fitter Contact Form

If you would like to send a contact form to Bath Fitter, you can use the link below:

Bath Fitter Customer Service Phone Number

You can speak with a Bath Fitter customer support representative in person at customer service of Bath Fitter by calling the phone numbers for Bath Fitter below:

  • Bath Fitter Customer Service Number: 1 (800) 892-2847
  • Bath Fitter Customer Service Number 2: 1 (888) 892-2847
  • Bath Fitter Customer Service Working Hours: 24/7

Bath Fitter Mailing Addresses

Corporate Headquarters

Bath Fitter
102 Evergreen Drive
Springfield, Tennessee 37172
United States

Bath Fitter Social Media Accounts

You can reach Bath Fitter on social media by clicking the links below:

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition, you can quickly find the answers to the questions you are wondering about, as in Walmart customer service, with the ones we have mentioned in our article.

How can book free consultation from Bath Fitter?

You can book a free consultation by clicking the link below. After the page open, go to the right of it and see yellow button called ”Book A Free Consultation”

How can i find nearest Bath Fitter store to me?

You can use Bath Fitter Store Locator tool to see a list of Bath Fitter stores near to you.

Why should I chose Bath Fitter for my bathroom?

If you think you need an installation process to have a better shower experience in your bathroom, you can choose the Bath Fitter. The core values ​​of the brand with its services can be listed as follows:

  1. One Day Installation: Generally, after the consultation appointment, work and planning are carried out on how to take action. Then a date is set for the process in question and the installation takes place in just one day.
  2. So many installation: Until now, the brand has realized nearly two million installations. This can be shown as a great advantage for those who want to benefit from an experienced institution.
  3. Lifetime Warranty: The company provides a lifetime warranty for each part of your bathroom installed. You have the chance to be sure that conditions such as rust and deterioration will not be experienced.
  4. No Demolition: Demolition is not included in the installation process. In this way, easy and fast installation is provided without noise and any mess.

You can click here to see the products and services Bath Fitter offer in the United States of America.

How long will a Bath Fitter Acrylic Bathtub or shower solution last?

Do not think that this installation process in your bathroom is a temporary solution. This process, which requires a complete redesign of the bathroom, provides a permanent fixing. All of the products installed by the institution have a much higher resistance and sustainability compared to bathroom areas with traditional looks. Before the installation process starts, a cleaning and repair process is started in the relevant areas to ensure that the materials have maximum quality and resistance. It is extremely important to ensure that the foundation will perform perfectly after the ground and installation pipes are corrected.

When looking at the user comments about Bath Fitter’s services, it is seen that the product is extremely long-lasting. The reason for this is that porcelain, fiberglass, or enamel surfaces are not used by the company. High-gloss acrylic liners are used instead of such flimsy surfaces. This allows for maximum protection of the surfaces that water is in constant contact with, and can produce good results without the need for joint filler. In addition, the coloring of the acrylic material prevents small scratches from becoming visible.

Does Bath Fitter offer a warranty? 

Yes, Bath Fitter offers its users a lifetime warranty. The most important feature of the acrylic bathtub and shower liners products offered by the institution is the assurance that they will never cause problems as long as you have a home. If you want to learn the specific details and continue to operate in this direction, you can make a specific search for your location.

I want to have a walk-in bathtub. Can Bath Fitter install it?

Unfortunately no. There is no walk-in bathtub installation among the services provided by the institution. However, if you wish, you can get support from the institution for your needs about the walk-in shower, shower seats, or grab bars. Extra safety features solutions for the bathroom are offered to users by Bath Fitter. One of the most important services of the institution is to produce customizable solutions for your home. In other words, a simple product is not applied to every home, instead, different applications are performed for each house in accordance with the space and the desired style.
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