Bath and Body Works Customer Service

bath and body works customer service

Bath & Body Works is a well-known retailer that specializes in offering a wide range of bath and body care products, including fragrances, lotions, and candles. Customers have come to appreciate the brand for its high-quality products and attention to customer satisfaction. The company’s dedication to providing an exceptional customer service experience is one of the reasons it has continued to thrive in the competitive market.

To assist customers with any inquiries or concerns, Bath & Body Works offers a comprehensive Customer Support Center with answers to frequently asked questions on various topics, from product requests to being added to their mailing list. For more direct assistance, customers can also reach out to the Bath & Body Works Online Customer Care by calling 1-877-832-9272, available 6:00 AM – 2:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. By offering various communication channels, Bath & Body Works ensures a timely and convenient way to address their customers’ needs and provide resolutions.

Bath and Body Works Customer Service

Customer Service Number

To get in touch with a Bath and Body Works customer care representative, customers can call 1-800-756-5005. This phone line is designed to address various inquiries and concerns related to products, orders, promotions, and more.

Working Hours

Bath and Body Works customer service is available at different times, depending on the type of inquiry:

  • For general customer care, customers can call 1-800-395-1001 from 9 AM to 7 PM ET.
  • For My Bath & Body Works Rewards Program inquiries, customers can call 1-800-869-0158 and reach out between 6 AM to 2 AM ET.

By providing various channels of communication and dedicated working hours, Bath and Body Works ensures they cater to their customers’ needs in a confident, knowledgeable, clear, and neutral manner.

Bath and Body Works Contact

Phone Numbers

Customers can reach Bath & Body Works customer care by calling 1-877-832-9272. Available 6:00 am to 2:00 am EST, they are ready to assist with any inquiries. For relay service, please dial 711.

E-Mail Addresses

Bath & Body Works support can be reached through the following email addresses:

Help Page

For frequently asked questions about their products and services, customers can visit their Customer Support Center to find answers to common queries.

Headquarters Address

Those who prefer to get in touch through mail can send their inquiries to the following mailing address:

Bath & Body Works, Inc. World Headquarters Three Limited Parkway Columbus, OH 43230

Social Media

Customers can connect with Bath & Body Works on various social media platforms such as:

By utilizing the information above, consumers can conveniently reach out to Bath & Body Works customer service to voice their concerns, offer suggestions, or resolve any issues.

Mobile Apps

Bath & Body Works provides a convenient mobile app for customers to access their services and products. The app, called My Bath & Body Works, is available for both Android and iOS devices. The user-friendly app is designed to make the shopping experience seamless and efficient, offering features like personalized recommendations, product listings, and exclusive deals.

With the app, customers can easily browse the wide range of products available at Bath & Body Works, including items such as hand soaps, fragrances, candles, and lotions. The app also allows customers to view current offers and promotions, helping them save money on their purchases. By creating an account or logging into an existing one, users can manage their personal information, view order history, and track their rewards points.

One of the most attractive features of the app is the rewards program, which allows customers to earn points for their purchases and receive free full-size products (up to a $16.95 value). As an additional incentive for using the app, new users are provided with a $10 off $30 coupon upon signing up. The points system offers an excellent way for loyal Bath & Body Works customers to receive discounts and freebies, making each shopping experience more rewarding.

For any questions or concerns regarding the app or other Bath & Body Works services, users can contact their customer service through the app or by calling 1-877-832-9272. The customer care team is available to help from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. EST, ensuring a timely response to any queries.

In summary, the My Bath & Body Works app is a valuable tool that provides customers with an enjoyable shopping experience while also offering rewards and exclusive deals.

About Bath and Body Works

Bath & Body Works was founded in 1990 in New Albany, Ohio, with a mission to make the world a brighter, happier place through the power of fragrance. The company’s deep-rooted passion for fragrance has set it apart, making it a global leader in its industry for over 30 years. Bath & Body Works’ first store opened in a Cambridge, Massachusetts mall in September 1990, and it has since expanded its reach to numerous locations across the United States and beyond.

The company offers a wide range of high-quality products, including fragrant body care, hand and body soaps, hand sanitizers, home fragrances, and candles. Customers flock to Bath & Body Works to treat themselves or find the perfect gift for someone special. With a commitment to great customer experience and continually creating scents that make people smile, Bath & Body Works has firmly established its place in the bath and beauty market.

In 1997, a secondary brand called Bath & Body Works at Home was launched to further meet customers’ needs and preferences. This expansion demonstrates the company’s constant pursuit of innovation and adaptation to cater to the market’s evolving demands.

Bath & Body Works’ origins can be traced back to Bella Cabakoff, who was born in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and moved to Columbus, Ohio as a toddler. She became the youngest buyer for the Lazarus department store chain at the age of 21. After 20 years of experience in the retail industry, Bella and her husband Harry Wexner opened a women’s clothing store called Leslie’s on State Street in 1951. From these humble beginnings, the foundation of Bath & Body Works was laid, and it has grown into the renowned bath and beauty retailer it is today.

Product Categories


Bath & Body Works offers a wide selection of candles to create a soothing and inviting atmosphere. Their 3-Wick Candles are a popular choice, featuring a variety of fragrances such as Eucalyptus Spearmint and laundry day. Single Wick Candles are also available, like the new Endless Sea Signature candle.


Hydration and nourishment for the skin can be found in the Moisturizing Body Lotions offered by Bath & Body Works. These lotions come in various fragrances and are often included in promotions, such as Mix & Match Full-Size: Buy 3, Get 1 Free.


Bath & Body Works provides a wide range of soaps for daily cleansing and care. Shower gels like Gingham Love and Pure Wonder are popular choices among consumers, offering rich lather and pleasant fragrances.

Skin Care

To cater to diverse skin needs, Bath & Body Works offers various skin care products. Travel-size Fine Fragrance Mists and Ultimate Hydration Body Creams are available in different scents like the new Endless Sea range. Antiperspirant Deodorants, such as Bourbon, are also part of the skin care lineup.

Seasonal Creations

Bath & Body Works is known for its seasonal creations that cater to different festivities and occasions throughout the year. These limited-edition products can include shower gels, like the Groovy Watermelon, or special fragrances and packaging that capture the essence of the season.


A diverse collection of fragrances is available at Bath & Body Works. These fragrances come in different product types, such as shower gels, mists, lotions, and candles. Some fan favorites include Eucalyptus Spearmint, Into the Night, and You’re the One.

Gift Guides and Offers


Bath & Body Works offers a variety of gift sets for every occasion. These sets typically include a selection of full-size products that are designed to complement each other, providing a comprehensive bath and body experience. Some popular items in these gift sets include body creams, sprays, moisturizing lotions, and 3-wick candles. These sets make for excellent birthday, holiday, or special occasion gifts.

Discounts and Promotions

Throughout the year, Bath & Body Works conducts various discounts and promotions to keep customers excited and engaged. One of the most popular events is the Semi-Annual Sale, which occurs twice a year, typically during the summer and winter months. The sale offers significant savings on a wide range of products, allowing customers to stock up on their favorite items or try something new.

Apart from the Semi-Annual Sale, customers can also benefit from ongoing offers such as “Buy 3, Get 1 Free” on full-size products. This promotion is particularly useful for those looking to build their Bath & Body Works collection or gift multiple items to friends and family.

To make the most of these savings opportunities, be sure to stay connected with Bath & Body Works by subscribing to their email list. As a subscriber, you will receive updates on top offers, promo codes, and coupon codes that can be used in store or online. In addition, Bath & Body Works occasionally offers free shipping promotions, allowing customers to save even more on their orders.

Remember to check for relevant discount codes and promo codes before making a purchase, as this is a great way to maximize savings and get the best deals on Bath & Body Works products.

My Bath and Body Works Rewards Program

The My Bath and Body Works Rewards Program is a free loyalty program that offers exclusive perks and benefits to its members. It allows customers to earn rewards, enjoy member-exclusive access to special events and products, and receive a special gift on their birthday.

Earning Rewards

Members of the My Bath and Body Works Rewards Program earn points for every dollar spent, with $1 equaling 10 points. Customers can accumulate these points and redeem them for free products, goodies, and other benefits.

To earn points in-store, members must scan their Rewards Card during checkout. When shopping online, it is essential to sign in to the My Bath & Body Works account to accumulate points. Once a member reaches 1,000 points (equivalent to spending $100), they can redeem a free product of their choice with a value of up to $16.95.

In addition to earning points, members also receive exclusive access to special events, promotions, and new product launches. By being a part of the Rewards Program, customers can stay updated on the latest offerings and deals from Bath and Body Works, making shopping more enjoyable and rewarding.

Remember to always shop confidently and knowledgeably when participating in the My Bath and Body Works Rewards Program, and enjoy the clear benefits it offers in the form of exclusive goodies and access to special events.

Exclusives and Online Community

Bath & Body Works consistently introduces new scents and products while keeping an engaging online community informed on their latest initiatives and promotions.

New Scents

Bath & Body Works brings fresh fragrances to their collection on a regular basis. Their product range includes body care, home fragrances, and candles. Some recent additions to their fragrance lineup include:

  • Endless Sea: A refreshing ocean-inspired scent available in single wick candles, travel-size fine fragrance mist, and travel-size ultimate hydration body cream.

Seasonal Favorites

In addition to their regular product offerings, Bath & Body Works is known for their seasonal creations. They craft unique and delightful scents tailored for different seasons and holidays. A few examples of their seasonal fragrances are:

  • Autumn: Pumpkin-themed scents, such as Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte

  • Winter: Holiday inspired scents, such as Vanilla Bean Noel and Twisted Peppermint

  • Spring & Summer: Fruit and floral themed scents, such as Waikiki Beach Coconut and Fresh Cut Lilacs

Facebook Updates

Stay connected with Bath & Body Works through their Facebook page, where they share updates on their latest products and promotions. The page serves as a vital communication platform for their online community, where followers can engage with the brand and learn about current semi-annual sales, events, and new developments.

Student Discount

Bath & Body Works understands the value of providing discounts to students looking for affordable ways to pamper themselves or find gifts for their loved ones. For a limited time, students can take advantage of a 20% discount on their next purchase, plus free shipping on orders over $50 through Student Beans. To access this exclusive offer, students simply need to sign up with their valid student identity credentials.

In addition to the 20% off offer, Bath & Body Works also presents temporary promotions, such as a 4 for $15 deal on car fragrance refills, which students can seize upon with the same Student Beans account. These seasonal deals are subject to change, and students are encouraged to check their Student Beans account regularly for the latest offers.

By providing these discounts and offers, Bath & Body Works is helping students save money on their favorite fragrance and self-care purchases while ensuring budget-friendly access to quality products.

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