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Aldo is an American company that designs and sells many types of shoes and accessories. The company has developed over many years and has opened retail stores in many locations. The company also has stores in the most popular places in the world, such as the USA, England, Ireland, Canada. This company, which has many brands, is an institution preferred by its customers. In addition, the company has several international offices in Europe and Asia. The company has many retail platforms rather than just selling its products, just like Saks Fifth Avenue. Thanks to this, the company works with many famous brands. If you want or have preferred this company, you may have questions, suggestions, and complaints. If you want to share this information with the company, you can try the communication ways in our article. We have shared all alternative communication ways with you. In this way, you can contact the company’s support team via the number 1-888-818-2536. Check out our article for detailed information.

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Working Hours

Monday to Saturday: 9 am – 10 pm

Sunday: 10 am – 5 pm

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After calling the phone number, you can proceed according to the operator’s directions.

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2300 Emile-Belanger, Montreal, QC H4R 3J4, Canada

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Aldo Frequently Asked Questions

Aldo is a popular company preferred by everyone with the popular shoes and accessories it designs. This company has stores all over the world, thanks to its many brands. If you are going to buy products from the stores of this company, which is preferred by many people, you may have questions. The company wants to offer you the best products with the service it provides in its stores, as we are familiar with Burberry. That’s why it has professional support teams for its customers’ questions and suggestions. You will be able to contact the institution for any questions you may have. We have shared all communication ways for you in our article. We have also prepared a frequently asked questions section for you. In this way, you will be able to encounter the answers to the questions you wonder.

What is an Attempt to Leave Disposable Bags?

The attempt to break away from disposable bags is a decision by Aldo. The institution, which started such an initiative to reduce waste, has been trying to continue this work for a long time. This initiative aims to get rid of disposable shopping bags with an economically designed shoebox they offer to customers. People no longer use disposable bags, thanks to choosing this economical design box. In this way, around 8 thousand trees are saved annually. Aldo institution tries to realize this initiative in all of its corporate stores.

  • This initiative continues successfully, especially in stores in countries such as America, Canada, England, and Ireland.

Why Was the Initiative to Get Rid of Disposable Bags Started?

Aldo took the first step to get rid of disposable bags ten years ago. First of all, it provides its customers with a drawstring shoe box to make the packaging more sustainable. Thus, customers have started to acquire good shopping habits. Customers have stopped needing bags to carry their shoes. In this way, they also gave up buying disposable bags. With this step taken to ensure sustainability, the objectives have emerged.

Why Are Shoe Boxes Said To Be Eco-Designed?

In 2008 the company Aldo introduced a box with handles. Thanks to this box design, bags have now become outdated. In addition, if you use this box, your contribution to the environment will be:

  • The boxes you buy are suitable for recycling at the rate of 80%.
  • All of the materials from which it is produced have made the box ready for recycling.
  • After removing the string of the box, you can recycle your box. In this way, you use a product that contributes to the environment. You avoid the environmental damage of disposable bags.

Are There Disposable Bags In The Stores?

Aldo institutions no longer want the use of disposable bags. The company, which wants to prevent waste, asks its customers to bring their bags. This will minimize waste and contribute to the environment. But if you need a bag at the store and you don’t have your bag with you, it will be possible to buy eco-bags. You will have to pay a fee to get these eco-bags. These fees are not used by the company. The net proceeds of the fees received from you are sent to ocean conservation associations. If you want to get detailed information about this issue, you can contact the authorities of the institution.

Why Are Your Bags Known as Eco Design?

Aldo institution wants to use reusable and recyclable materials instead of designing bags using new materials. That’s why eco bags are designed from plastic skewers that are suitable for 80% recycling. Generally, the number of pet bottles used varies according to the size of the bags.

  • Don’t forget that you will have a special design by purchasing these bags. You will also be away from disposable bags.

What Should You Do If You Won An Award From Aldo But You Didn’t Get It?

If you’ve won an award from Aldo and want to check your reward, here’s what you need to do:

  1. First, you need to log in to your account. So you can go to my advantages section
  2. In this way, you will see which rewards you have in the My Advantages section.
  3. If you did not find your reward in the My Advantages section, you should check all transactions. You can control your transaction history.
  4. If you still have not received the reward at your e-mail address, you should check your e-mail address again. Please note that you may encounter this e-mail in your spam box. So you should check your spam box.
  5. Also, remember that your e-mail account must be verified. If your e-mail account is not verified, your reward will not be sent by e-mail.

If you still haven’t received your reward after checking and performing all these procedures, you should contact the institution. In our article, there are all communication ways. You can contact the authorities by examining them.

When Do You Get the Status Discount if You Have Aldo Crew VIP Status?

If you have become an Aldo Crew VIP member and want to receive status discounts, you will need to complete some conditions. First of all, you have to reach qualified spending. You will then receive an email inviting you to the new layer. All advantages and rewards suitable for you will appear in this e-mail. You can start using your status discounts by reviewing them. Generally, you will receive an e-mail to use your advantages 48 hours after reaching the qualified expenditure.

How Long Can You Use Your Annual Rewards?

Your annual rewards are generally eligible for use for 120 days. During this time, you can purchase items using your rewards. If you have any questions about the duration of your annual awards, you can contact customer service and get information.

Is It Possible to Combine Discount Codes?

It is not possible to combine discount codes with other discount codes. It is possible to use each discount code you have separately. Therefore, make sure to use your discount codes separately for each product you choose.

What is the Aldo Team?

From the moment you make your first purchases, you become a member of the Aldo supplement. In particular, you get credit for all your purchases, so you will be in the loyalty program. Do not forget that you will have many advantages compared to the increase in your purchases. It is free to join this program. Also, do not forget that you can become an Aldo Crew Plus member for your purchases of over 150 dollars. If this amount goes up to 300 dollars, it will be possible to become an Aldo Crew VIP member.

How Can You Update Your Aldo Crew Account Information?

If you want to update your Aldo Crew account information, you must log in to your account.

  • Then, when you log in to your account, you will see all your updated information.
  • In this section, you can change and update all your information. In addition, you will come across many advantages. Do not forget that you can examine the advantages you have from this section.

How Will Aldo Use Your Personal Information?

Aldo Corporation is very careful about the protection of its customers’ information. That’s why the strictest rules are followed for your privacy. Your information is not shared with anyone and no one has access to your information. In this regard, you can reach Aldo, which complies with the privacy policy in the best way and ask your questions. The privacy policy is detailed on the official site of Aldo.

  • For detailed information, you can visit the website or contact the institution through the communication channels in our article.
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